We build tools and API based building blocks for developers, product managers and marketers.

Every software product can be divided into two

  1. Core features: the ones that help companies achieve their business objective,
  2. Standard features: the ones that are important and time-consuming to build, but are pretty standard in terms of their functionality.

Our goal is to abstract and decouple these standard features and provide them as easy to integrate APIs and simple-to-use management dashboards. 


The core insight for API based building blocks first came 10 years ago when I moved from a logistics software company to a gaming company. At the logistics company, I had written a notification manager (one that would send SMS, email, and in-app notifications on certain events) and I ended up creating almost exactly the same system again at the gaming company.

Our games were very similar to Zynga games and available on Facebook. While creating the notification system, I ended up externalising it as a multi-tenant platform service that could serve multiple games. This was the core insight - we could build new games faster because of these decoupled building blocks.

All our work at apicagent has been sponsored by Soopr, a SaaS tool for marketers - a new kind of website analytics product with integrated tools to engage the audience.

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