detect browser, OS, and device from user agent string

A fast user-agent lookup API that detects Browser, OS, Device Type and other attributes from user-agent
Used by 1000+ users with an uptime of 99.99% and avg response time of 15ms, apicagent is FREE to use

API response - browser, device and OS data from APIC Agent's user-agent API

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Your User-Agent string


Live Output from the API

API Demo

demo uses your user-agent string and apicagent's GET API

A lot of repositories on Github already use apicagent - find integration code in programming language of your choice.

Use Cases

There's a lot of hidden information in the user agent string that can help you create a better customer experience and improve your conversion. All in real-time.

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Tailored Buying Funnel
Customized Content
Spambot Protection
Crawler Protection
Customized Advertisments
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Use apicagent's REST API and avoid integrating with hard to maintain user-agent parser libraries - our API can be integrated quickly and is easy to understand.

Simple to Use

Our REST based JSON API is extremely simple to use, it is very easy to integrate with any programming language or tech stack.

Accurate Data

Data we use is based on Matomo's open source device database and is updated frequently.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our software stack is built to scale to millions of requests and our API is also built to respond fast.


While we are in beta, our API is free to use. We will continue to have a generous free plan when we launch more APIs and our pricing plans.

APIC Agent serves 140,000 requests per day already
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Using apicagent's API is very easy. We provide GET or POST variants of the same API - choose as per your preference, send your user-agent string as input and you get the response that you can use in your application.

GET https://api.apicagent.com

Simple and easy to get started with, works in browser too. If you prefer GET APIs, use this.

Learn more about GET API

POST https://api.apicagent.com

This works exactly like the GET API, except user-agent string is sent inside a JSON object.

Learn more about POST API
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Maker's Note

Hi, my name is Abhinav. I am a tech executive turned product maker and hobbyist writer.

I am building API based building blocks for businesses and developers - apicagent is the first set of APIs that I have released.

My core hypothesis is that businesses want to focus more on building their core systems and integrate API based blocks for standard features. This way, businesses can reduce their engineering costs as well as ship their products faster.

If you have any suggestions or want to learn more about future roadmap, please don't hesitate to send me an email or talk to me.